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Product Design

CdTe technology was originally developed by US company Solar Fields and used by Calyxo under a worldwide licence. In late 2007, Solar Fields acquired a 7% stake in the company, giving Calyxo GmbH full rights to the technology and the newly established US subsidiary, Calyxo USA , Inc.In February 2011, Solar Fields takes over Q-Cells shares.

Due to its physical characteristics, cadmium telluride is ideal for the highly efficient conversion of radiation energy into electrical power. The high energy yield is enabled by our solar-active layers that absorb the entire sunlight within just a few thousands of a millimetre.

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[1] Front glass

[2] Front contact:highly transparent layer with excellent electrical conductivity for maximum light permeability and practically zero-resistance electricity transport

[3] CdS-Layer

[4] CdTe-Layer

[5] Back contact: highly stable, electrically conductive metal

[6] Glass lamination film: water-insoluble seal, safe protection against escape of contents (e.g. in case of any damage), secure sealing of the module edges

[7] Back glass: specially hardened glass designed for long-term demands

[8] Junction box: including solar cable and connector

An innovative technology

Calyxo’s advanced manufacturing process and the modules’ design guarantee that no cadmium telluride will ever escape in a form that could be harmful to humans or the environment. Longterm studies have shown that neither cadmium telluride nor cadmium sulphide can leak out of the modules. In other tests, attempts were made to dissolve cadmium telluride from finely ground pieces of module with water – but not even under these experimental conditions was this possible.