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Latest News

2 Dec 2013

Calyxo inaugurates the new 60 MW production line

On Monday, 02.12.2013 the new production line of Calyxo at the Solar Valley in Bitterfeld- Wolfen, Germany was ceremonially inaugurated.

18 Nov 2013

Calyxo delivers modules to Croatia, Split

. Start of construction of the largest Photovoltaic Power Plant in Croatia / Split
. Project planning and construction out of one hand

6 Nov 2013

Calyxo supplies CdTe modules for 2.2 MW solar park in Ohio

US contractor Rudolph/Libbe has begun construction of a 2 MW thin-film solar park for the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, Ohio. The solar array, which will offset approximately 30% of the zoo's electricity needs, will consist of approximately 28,000 CdTe modules

6 Aug 2013

Calyxo welcomes EU decision

Calyxo, the largest manufacturer of CdTe thin film solar panels in Europe, welcomes the agreements between EU and China over imports of Chinese Solar panels - Chinese modules offering at a minimum price of 0.56EUR/Wp in the Europe in the near future.

26 Jun 2012

Calyxo meets requirements for the Italian market

As from 1st July 2012, CdTe thin film expert Calyxo complies with the Conto Energia IV.


6 Jun 2012

Calyxo GmbH increases capacity to 85 MW

Calyxo GmbH increases capacity to 85 MW at home base Bitterfeld/Wolfen to ensure largest CdTe module production in Europe end of 2012.

2 May 2012

Calyxo GmbH reached 16.2% cell efficiency

Calyxo GmbH Bitterfeld / Wolfen – Thalheim reached 16.2% cell efficiency on its low cost cadmium-telluride (CdTe) technology. The testing body SGS Germany has officially confirmed the record numbers.

2 Apr 2012

Q-Cells announces insolvency

Calyxo has been taken over by Solar Fields, LLC in February 2011

21 Feb 2012

Calyxo reaches efficiency of 13.4 percent

Calyxo GmbH of Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim confirms, with its innovative thin-film module, the tremendous performance potential of photovoltaic modules based on cadmium telluride technology.