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Innogie APS wins the „Danish Design Award“

The Calyxo customer Innogie APS, from Denmark, has won the „Danish Design Award“ in the category “Save Money”. Innogie, with the designers Kristian Harley Hansen and Stephan Olsen, has developed a roof covering solution which uses the electrical and thermal solar energy for the house supply. Therefore the Danish designers have opted for the completely black, homogeneous and frameless Calyxo solar modules instead for the square silicon cells paired with visible solder joints and heavy aluminum frames. The modules are installed overlapping on a specially developed substructure like roof tiles. The Calyxo PV modules replace the complete roofing in a highly aesthetic way. The solar system can be perfectly integrated in newly built and already existing buildings. It cannot only generate electricity but also set a visual highlight as well. The jury for the award said, that Innogie has created a roof with a high potential of Return On Investment. The price for an energetic, sustainable roof covering solution from Innogie is just slightly higher than the price for normal looking roofs. We are pleased and congratulate Innogie for winning the price.

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