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Integrated Management System

The Integrated Management System is an important component of our corporate management at Calyxo GmbH. All quality, environmental, energy and industrial safety activities are controlled and continuously improved through the certified integrated management system.

At regular intervals, our executive board assesses the quality of our products, processes and activities, their effects on the environment and energy consumption, as well as all measures taken relating to industrial safety management. For all areas of our corporate activity, we define measurable performance, quality, environmental, energy and industrial safety goals, and derive measures for improvement in connection with these. The executive board and the management regularly check that these targets are being achieved.

Calyxo GmbH is committed to maintaining all relevant legal provisions, as well as other standards, and to realising high safety standards at the company.

In so doing, we create awareness for quality, the environment, energy consumption and industrial safety, which is characterised by an open information policy and target-focussed cooperation with customers, suppliers, authorities, external groups and our employees. For this purpose, new insights into quality, environmental, energy and industrial safety issues are systematically analysed, evaluated and communicated.

The standards specified in DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 50001:2011 have been fulfilled.