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Company Policy

Quality - which also involves meeting stringent environmental and industrial safety standards, as well as the efficient use of energy - is our most important criterion, with legal and official requirements and regulations defining the minimum standard.

At Calyxo, we not only place emphasis on responsibility for our products, but also take employee satisfaction and environmental protection seriously in our general outlook and activities.

This is reflected by the fact that Calyxo GmbH:

  • customer demands

    recognises, records, implements and fulfils customer demands in an optimal way,
  • life cycle

    manufactures a product, the life cycle of which includes recycling and the re-utilisation of the materials used,
  • methods

    uses all necessary and available methods for sustainable quality assurance and protection of the environment, as well as for the protection of employees in all commercial and production processes,
  • employees

    demands that every employee take responsibility for taking measures to save energy when completing their work, and furthermore, promote such measures,
  • energy

    constantly strives to use energy more efficiently, and to make targeted investments for the maintenance, modernisation and further development of energy efficiency of systems and facilities,
  • processes

    incorporates the Integrated Management System into all processes and makes continuous improvements to it, and
  • economy

    strives to use resources and energies in the most efficient way possible, and to take every opportunity to use low-emission and low-waste production techniques.

At Calyxo GmbH, quality and environmental awareness don't only become relevant when it comes to the production stage, but are already important factors when choosing suppliers, service providers and other partners, who must also be able to meet our high standards and expectations if they wish to work with us in the long term.

On the basis of its fundamental corporate policy principles, Calyxo GmbH is committed to subjecting its Integrated Management System and the environmental sensitivity of its commercial activities, together with customers, suppliers, service providers and other partners, to an ongoing improvement process.

All employees will accordingly be trained, qualified and motivated, relevant to their area of work, to implement quality, environment and energy management, as well as industrial safety management. They are obliged to put these fundamental principles into practise, and to fulfil the legal and official standards, as well as internal regulations and guidelines, within their respective scope of work.