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Thin-film modules of the Calyxo CX-series pass the Spread of Flame and Burning Brand test.

Calyxo extends the quality benchmark of the CX series by the successful test results of the Spread of Flame A / B and Burning Brand Class B in accordance with IEC 61730-2 MST 23, UL1703 , UL790/ASTM E108 .
The IEC 61730 describes both requirements for complete PV modules as well as on the materials and components. The fire resistance requirements of IEC 61730-2 to the PV modules are based on the American fire test for roofs made to ANSI / UL 790. For fire technological qualification of PV modules the Spread of Flame Test and Burning Brand test is relevant for PV systems which are installed on a roof. The PV modules are divided into classes, A , B or C, the class C contains the minimum requirements.

Spread of Flame Test

Through the Spread of Flame test, the flame spread on top of the module tries to judge between the mounted PV modules and the roof covering. For this purpose, a gas burner flame having a power of approximately 378 kW under the influence of wind is guided over the surface of the module for the class A / B for 10 minutes.Due to the 2x2 group module installation, the flame spread in the resulting columns is rated brand technologically. The test has been performed by using two typical mounting systems including assembly material (EPDM rubber) - a four-point clamping system and an insertion system.


Burning Brand Test

The Burning Brand test determines whether an external fire may cause a fire spark or burn-through of the module. Here for a wood crib is used as an incendiary. The wood crib is are inflamed and placed on the sunny side of the PV module. The test is carried out under wind influence.
All the criteria for the Spread of Flame test as well as the Burning Fire test were successfully met:

  • no part of the PV modules has fallen glowing or burning from Test Stand
  • flame spread did not exceed the following values: Class A - 1.82 m / Class B - 2.40 m / Class C - 3.90 m
  • the lateral flame spread was limited
  • a burn-through didn't occur
  • an ongoing burning of the PV modules at the Burning Brand test did not occur

The test results shows that the Calyxo modules do not ignite and fire spreading is greatly reduced, so that a high level of safety is provided in case of fire. Moreover, additional electrical hazards due to uncontrolled fires are almost impossible. The safe use of Calyxo modules is possible without any problem even in regions with high radiation and / or thermal stress.

"The prevailing power of fire can only be described, if you have not even experienced the test procedure. The lasting heat, fanned by the air blower, clarifies how the extraordinary power the Calyxo modules withstand. The impingement of flame through the suction behavior at the module edges and along the underside of the module is enormous. The fire resistance class according to the requirements of A / B show a significant advantage for the Calyxo glass-glass laminate structure in comparison to products with back foil materials. The high product quality and long-term stability of Calyxo modules has been clarified by this additional test" said Christoph Mühlenbeck (Head of Marketing Calyxo GmbH).

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