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Solar façades with Calyxo modules

. Curtain photovoltaic façades
. Aesthetic upgrading of exterior walls

The sun shines not only on rooftops and fields; this is what we learn from photovoltaic systems today.

So far, conventional photovoltaic systems are usually found on rooftops or ground mounted fields. Calyxo GmbH is dedicated to the niche application of "façade" installations, and several customers have become interested in a test set-up at the company's site at Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

In general, a solar façade can be designed like a standard glass façade and interconnected as a standard photovoltaic system. With little additional effort compared to standard solutions, sustainable and energy upgraded façades can be created.

The Calyxo façade system is built with the frameless CX3 solar modules plus the MX insertion system. This cost-effective system solution is suitable for almost every new construction and existing exterior façade. To ensure a perfect homogeneous look to the façade, the modules are arranged "seamless" to within a few millimeters. The Calyxo technology provides a solid black surface , it offers a visual highlight for each façade, and it does not interrupt the appearance of the building like that provided by wafer-based solar.

The MX-mounting system is ideal for façade applications because of the floating module assembly. The installation of the modules is done without tools, thus making the work easier and allows for a safer environment for the installers.

Gwinner GmbH, specialists for roofing and façades, has built a 62kWp solar façade system on behalf of the company Engeser in Schramberg under the planning of architect Schweiger GmbH in Rottweil.

The resulting solar façade has been optimized and implemented on the module geometry before construction begins.

Engeser in Schramberg offers a wide range of services covering cables. The services of Engeser have a range of cable assemblies, from the entire portfolio of ferrules to plastic injection parts. For more information, see

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