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Salt mist corrosion tests

SGS an independent services company in Germany tested, verified and certified Calyxo-CX3 series modules to salt mist corrosion test according to IEC 61701:1995–DIN EN 61701:2000-08.

Salt Spray tests were performed on Calyxo-CX3 series modules at the highest level of severity, completed 1344 hours with tests involving repeated cycles of spraying with 5% saline solution at ambient temperatures between 15°C and 35°C for two hours, followed by 22 hours at 40°C with a relative humidity of 93%.

CX3 modules passed the stringent salt mist test conditions with no optical damage, no visual defects, no mechanical deterioration or corrosion while meeting functional-performance.

Thus validating Calyxo CX3 series modules are safer, durable and reliable along coastal areas and other harsh high humidity geographic areas.

"We highlight even all influencing parameters acting on our modules and let the module quality be confirmed by a wide variety of test conditions. With the results of laboratory testing and the experience of field data, we have our modules designed to withstand salty conditions such as found at coastal areas and on motorways. "said Dr. Michael Bauer (CTO / COO).

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