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Q-Cells announces insolvency

Calyxo has been taken over by Solar Fields, LLC in February 2011

As can be seen from the recent Q-Cells SE press release, Q-Cells will declare insolvency on Tuesday, 03rd April 2012.
In order to clarify the Q-Cells press release, the former technology partner Solar Fields LLC had taken ownership of Calyxo in February 2011 from Q-Cells SE, and therefore Calyxo isn't affected by the insolvency of Q-Cells SE.

The continuous development of Calyxo is guaranteed (see Press Release 21st February 2012), and we are pleased to work with you, as in the past, in the coming years together.
Please note that we will continue to inform you of future milestones achieved by Calyxo GmbH in upcoming Releases.

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