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County Environmental Award to project using Calyxo modules

County Environmental Award of Saarlouis awarded to project using Calyxo solar modules

In the fall of 2015, Calyxo photovoltaic modules and three wind turbines were mounted by Aktivimmo on a roof area of ​​70 square meters on the home of Ralph Gillert. With this mix of renewable energy, the project was awarded the county Environmental Award 2015 of Saarlouis.

The solar modules produced by Calyxo were glued to form a black, smooth and homogeneous surface. To close the empty spaces of the roof, dummy modules from Calyxo were precisely tailored and integrated into the roof surface. Calyxo’s black solar modules are hail-resistant and they not only produce electricity, but they also result in a visually aesthetic appearance.

Six years ago Aktivimmo specialized in combining solar and wind energy to develop this innovative energy-supplying roofing solution. For the Ralph Gillert roof project, the entire south-facing roof area was redesigned. The system records a peak power of 6,400 watts with photovoltaic modules and 600 watts with the wind turbines. Thus, approximately 70 percent of the required electricity is generated by solar and wind energy for the private home. The remaining part of the required power is covered by the public grid. The customer’s goal is not the feeding of the produced energy, but rather for private domestic consumption.

We, Calyxo, are pleased and congratulate Ralph Gillert and Aktivimmo for winning the prize.

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