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Excellent CO2-footprint: Calyxo introduces a new solar module generation

Calyxo develops solar modules with high efficiency and at the same time the best carbon footprint in contrast to comparable products from other manufacturers.

For the production of photovoltaic modules, much energy is required. Today this energy is mostly generated in conventional power plants that emit more CO2. A solar module itself generates electric power at least 25 years, without producing CO2. With the patented atmospheric process Calyxo thin film solar modules requires less energy than other modules. Calyxo CdTe-thin film solar modules have one of the best carbon footprints in the entire solar industry. They produce clean energy - at the lowest cost - with the least impact on our environment.

Due to the very small CO2-footprint, Calyxo GmbH CdTe modules have the shortest payback periods in terms of CO2 emissions generated during manufacturing.

The new Calyxo CX3pro series – high efficiency with best CO2-footprint

Benefit from our new product range – CX3pro – with improved cell properties and improvements in energy producing semiconductors.

CO2-footprint of PV modules - an important argument!

The advantages of CX3pro at a glance:

Efficiency - solar modules with the best temperature coefficient
- better low-light performance, in contrast to poly / monocrystalline modules
- solderless connection concept >> products are extremely durable under mechanical stress
Reliability and Quality
Made in Germany
- will be certified according to UL1703, IEC 61730 and new IEC 61215-1, -2 standard
- Ammonia Test & Salt Mist Test - CX3-Series
Sustainability - excellent CO2 footprint
- shortest energy payback time
- glass-glass laminate without aluminum frame >> CO2 emissions for frame production ceased
Design - aesthetic, homogeneous appearance
- glass-glass laminates without frame >> significantly less pollution due to the module edges
- improved edge sealing material >> reliable moisture and vapor barrier

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