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Charity – Fundraising Children's Hospice – Solar Module goal wall acts as donations generator

"Children live in the here and now" emphasized Franziska Hoeppner, director of the children's hospice “Pfeiffersche Stiftungen”. We, the employees of the Calyxo GmbH, are impressed by the dedication and kindness of the children's hospice. For this fundraising, a goal wall was built with solar modules manufactured in Saxony-Anhalt. With much engagement and endurance employees kicked the balls and donated an amount of 500 EURO for the children's hospice in Magdeburg. Many employees and business partners participated with a voluntary donation to the children's hospice.

The Children's Hospice in Magdeburg is the only inpatient children's hospice in Saxony-Anhalt. It is decorated with butterflies hovering above the tree of life. Each butterfly represents one child who is accompanied by the children's hospice. The butterflies are made of colorful footprints - sometimes
quite small and sometimes larger. "Each child designs a butterfly from its footprint" said Mrs. Klingenberg, employee for the donations. “A children's hospice is primarily a place to live - it is touching to see how the children and parents find peace and time for themselves here and be accompanied in the best possible comprehensive care” emphasized Dr. Michael Bauer – father and Chief Technical Officer of the Calyxo GmbH.

The children's hospice of "Pfeiffersche Stiftungen" in Magdeburg and the Calyxo GmbH would like to thank all volunteers for the charity which creates memories for the little guests and their families – memories, which are as colorful and light as a butterfly...

If you or your company be interested in making a donation, please find here the data for the donation account of the children's hospice.
Bank: KD Bank (Bank for Church and Diakonie)
IBAN: DE39 3506 0190 1553 5540 19
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