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Calyxo reaches efficiency of 13.4 percent

Calyxo GmbH of Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim confirms, with its innovative thin-film module, the tremendous performance potential of photovoltaic modules based on cadmium telluride technology.

The Calyxo record module has an output of 88.7 watts at an efficiency of 13.4 percent measured on aperture area. Based on these results, owner Solar Fields, LLC, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. has decided to fund the company for the next years.

The testing body SGS Germany has officially confirmed the record numbers. With the production of the Calyxo record module, the development stages of the next generation have are already underway. This shows the potential of the Calyxo CdTe thin-film technology for the future. Calyxo's standard module is 60*120 cm but Calyxo's patented atmospheric continuous manufacturing process can produce modules as wide as 120 cm by any length desired, bringing more flexibility and lower costs to the solar industry.

In addition to the development of the highly efficient Calyxo record module, the CdTe specialists from Saxony-Anhalt and Calyxo USA, Perrysburg, Ohio have been able to further increase the efficiency of the currently produced CX3-series module to an average of 11.9 percent based on aperture area.

"The Calyxo development team rapidly reached another milestone on its efficiency roadmap aiming for even higher efficiencies in the near future. High module efficiencies in combination with our low cost atmospheric deposition technology are decisive factors for cost competitive solar energy", said Michael Bauer, Calyxo's Chief Technology Officer.

Calyxo GmbH currently operates a 25 MWp production line with over 150 employees at the manufacturing plant that has been in commercial production since 2009 in Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim, also known as Solar Valley in Saxony-Anhalt. Additional capital for the next years will be provided by the technology inventor Solar Fields, LLC, who took over total ownership of Calyxo GmbH in February 2011 from their former partner Q-Cells SE.

"With the financial contribution of our long-term shareholder Solar Fields, we will reduce our costs by the end of this year to less than 0.60 EUR per Wp, which corresponds to a cost reduction of nearly 30 percent from the recent level," states the managing director Florian Holzapfel, Calyxo (CEO), in defining the objectives for the future.

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