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Calyxo provides cost-effective yield increase

Photovoltaic systems with modules of competitive module manufacturers (some insolvent) point to considerable financial losses through yield deficiencies.

Based on existing experience in the exchange of Abound modules with thin film photovoltaic modules produced by Calyxo GmbH, Calyxo has detected this yield loss problem and provides a cost-optimized exchange program to increase yields on existing PV installations with e.g. Abound modules.

A refenrenz client has taken advantage of the exchange program from Calyxo GmbH. The yield data of the approx.. 1 MWp photovoltaic system built in 2011 with modules of Abound Solar left something to be desired. Due to the identical module format of Abound solar modules by modules of Calyxo GmbH, the exchanging is possible without any problems.

The Calyxo GmbH exchange program is divided into four phases:

  1. Analysis and recording of the inventory of the existing solar plant
  2. Yield simulation based on new Calyxo PV modules and the constituent material
  3. Dismantling of the old solar modules, as well as installation of Calyxo modules
  4. Disposal of old modules

Based on present energy yield data after the conversion work, there has been a yield increase of 68% compared to last year in the photovoltaic system installed with Calyxo GmbH modules.

Energy Yield Data 2014-2015

"The exchange program of Calyxo GmbH has brought our PV system back into the black figures. Direct contact with the module manufacturers - in the planning and implementation of reconstruction process - gives us the confidence to be able to look to profitable years," said the customer.

The optimized Calyxo exchange program offers the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction through use of the present mounting system thanks to identical dimensions of Calyxo GmbH’s 1200mm x 600mm module
  • Cost reduction by utilization of available inverters and strings
  • a simulation with "PV Sol" for the re-design of the pv plant is done by Calyxo GmbH
  • Delivery of highly efficient, cost-effective and certified Calyxo PV modules, made in Germany, factory direct
  • Support or full service in the conversion to Calyxo PV Modules
  • Recycling of old Abound modules is possible by Calyxo

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