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Calyxo presents the new ground-mounted system

Calyxo GmbH has developed a substructure with the aim to mount the frameless CdTe thin film solar modules very quickly and inexpensively on open spaces. "Customers and project operators are focused more intensely on particularly simple mounting systems. Plumbers on the construction site will mount photovoltaic modules in a short time, easily and with little use of tools, "says Dr. Florian Holzapfel, CEO of Calyxo GmbH.

With the Calyxo mounting system, an almost tool-free assembly is possible. Depending on project requirements, both support posts or screw foundations and base plates are applicable as a connection option. This will allow the customer an extensive flexibility. Due to material savings and static security, it offers different variants for vertical and horizontal installation. The Calyxo GX system is available as a clamping and insertion system. If the solar panels are installed on edge, a saving of material is possible, because the modules are placed only on the short side in the insertion system. Likewise, instead of seven module racks, only four are required. Calyxo PV Modules are installed at an inclination of 20 degrees on the GX system. This is also adaptable to relevant site conditions upon request.

A simple, functional design and a reduced tool use distinguish the GX system. This means a significant cost saving in terms of installation time, especially for large ground-mounted systems. Due to foundationless implementation and the distance of the modules to the ground, the Calyxo GX system avoids both the sealing and damage to the ground. The support structure and the entirely high-quality materials guarantee the project operators corrosion resistance and maximum durability. The GX system withstands even the most adverse weather conditions.

Product Benefit
+ reduction of BOS costs
+ fewer components needed
+ fast and toolless module mounting

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